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Easy FancyBox plugin for WordPress websites gives you a flexible and aesthetic light box solution for just about all media links on your website.

This plugin does not collect any data and does not set any browser cookies. However, the PRO version offers an option to disable the automatic popup after the first visit, which needs a browser cookie. This cookie stores the visitors first website visit timestamp and path on the client side.

It is not shared nor is any data stored server side or elsewhere. For advanced options and priority supportthere is a Pro extension available. See Pro features below. Visit FancyBox for more information and examples.

For these additional features, you need to install the Pro extension alongside this free plugin. Example image with Overlay caption. This is the default way Easy FancyBox displays images. Other options are Inside and the old Outside. Quick installation: Install now!

Not happy with the default settings? Same as above but do a Network Activate to activate FancyBox image overlays on each site on your network. No database tables are created or manipulated and no activation hook needs to be run for it to function with default settings. Basically, it is a fancy way of presenting images, movies, portable documents and inline content on your website. For example, if you have scaled-down images in your posts which are linked to the original large version, instead of opening them on a blank page, FancyBox opens those in a smooth overlay.

This plugin uses an updated version of the original FancyBox 1.

How to setup gDMSS Plus/iDMSS Plus for Remote Viewing Dahua DVR/NVR

First, make sure that image thumbnails in your posts and pages are linked to their full size counterpart directly. Open any post with thumbnail images in it for editing and select the first thumbnail. From now on, clicking that thumbnail should open the full size version in FancyBox.

The same thing goes for WordPress Galleries. Choose Link To: Media File when inserting a gallery tag. There is no new settings page but there are many options you can change. To see the default, check out the example under Screenshots …. Please follow the trouble shooting steps near the end of the plugin description above to determine the cause. Yes, but only if you used the option Link To: Media File when inserting the gallery!

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The original FancyBox 1. All links with class nolightbox that would normally get auto-enabled, will be excluded from opening in a FancyBox overlay.

NetxGEN has its own built in FancyBox version along with a choice of other light box scripts but if you prefer to use Easy FancyBox because of better customizability and other media support then you need to take some steps to make the two plugins compatible.

The 8 Best WordPress Image Lightbox Plugins to Create Stunning Photo Galleries

It can be done manually using the internal WordPress gallery feature, or not or in combination with NextGen Gallery. Open your post for editing in HTML mode and insert the first image thumbnail in your post content linking to the images file, not page to serve as the gallery thumbnail. Place the following code to start a hidden div containing all the other images that should only be visible in FancyBox:.

Right after that starting on a new line, insert all other images you want to show in your gallery.Easy Blog is the best Joomla blog extension which empowers more than 80, Joomla! Easy Blog can be used to manage your personal blog, company blog, category blogs or even team blogs.

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Get EasyBlog v5. Why choose Easy Blog? All-in-One blog component to start blogging in Joomla because it has tons of features. Smooth and seamless blog layout integration with major Joomla templates in the market.

Great for managing workflows, team blog and group blog with extensive ACL flexibility. Some of the key features in Easy Blog Love your authors by providing them with a beautiful composing interface to compose their blog posts on the front end. Allows multiple users on the site to be authors without having to login into the back end. Auto posting to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn whenever a blog post is created. Built in commenting system and extensive commenting integrations with Komento, Facebook Comments, Compojoom Comments, EasySocial and others.

Awesome media manager to manage images, files, videos with the capability of having shared media. Built in e-mail parser where Easy Blog will automatically import e-mails as blog posts on your site. Responsive layout for composer and blog themes on mobile, tablets and desktop. Other additional features in EasyBlog Integrates with most Joomla templates and theme clubs such as Joomlart, Rockettheme, Joomlashine and many others.

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A Standard Blog for all Joomla sites Functionality: 4. So many admin options and works professionally like a blog so very useful. Ease of use. Configurations are easy but you have to read their docs to understand sometimes in better manner.

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Value for money. Best value for a developer's money. With all the features this extension has, it's ease of use, and the support you receive, it's worth it! I used this to: Using it on both of my Joomla sites and very happy with the outcome.

Seriously packed with all the features you could want and everything works pretty well. Absolutely - I've tried lots of extensions blogs and this is the best and at such a great price.Easy Viewer IP Cam is a software solution designed to be an accessible and reliable way to connect to multiple IP cameras and view their video feed.

The application allows you to manually configure each one in terms of displayed name, DDNS address, port number, as well as username and password. Once connected, the application displays their video streams in equally large frames, making it possible for you to follow activity from all of them. Besides that, you can also record video and store it on your computer for backup, analysis and so on.

A really good thing about the recording feature is it can be enabled in a multitude of ways. Depending on your storage space or time of day, you can configure Easy Viewer IP Cam to start recording only when you permit it, immediately as it is run or when the camera detects motion.

Moreover, apart from video, the application makes it possible to grab screenshots from cameras at regular intervals and stores them in a custom location on your computer.

All in all, if you have a decent computer configuration and are willing to overlook the fact that Easy Viewer IP Cam freezes more than it should, it can be a decent IP camera monitoring tool. Easy Viewer IP Cam. An efficient and reliable software solution designed to help you easily connect to and monitor remote webcams via Internet Protocol address. Easy Viewer IP Cam 3. Load comments. All rights reserved.You seem to have CSS turned off.

Please don't fill out this field. EasyViewer Web Site. Calibre has the ability to view, convert, edit, and catalog e-books of almost any e-book format. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:. Help Create Join Login. Operations Management. IT Management. Project Management. Services Business VoIP. Resources Blog Articles Deals. Menu Help Create Join Login. EasyViewer Status: Planning. Add a Review. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more.

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No, thanks. Windows Linux. An easy photo viewer on desktop on Qt.View the version history. Before installing, please confirm your web server meets the following requirements. If you are not sure, contact your web host tech support. SimpleViewer-Pro supports advanced customization options, no branding, unlimited images and more. The new version of the plugin v2 is completely re-written from scratch and is therefore not backward-compatible.

This means that galleries made with the previous version of the plugin will not display once you upgrade. If you would like to continue to run the old version v1. WP-SimpleViewer is supported via an online forum. Before posting a new question, please search the forum to see if your question has already been answered. All rights reserved. Terms of Use. Products Support News About.

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Requirements Before installing, please confirm your web server meets the following requirements. WordPress version 2.

PHP version 5. Unzip the plugin folder on your local machine. Enter the required gallery options in the popup form. Check option descriptions here. Click 'Add Gallery' button. This will add the required gallery tag into your post. Enter the required Flickr username and tags.

Gallery images will be automatically updated if new images are added to Flickr. Click 'Save Draft' or 'Publish' to view your gallery. Note you can only include 1 Media Library gallery per post. The following steps depend on your version of WordPress. WordPress prior to 3. Upload images from your local machine. Enter text in the 'Caption' field to be displayed as the SimpleViewer caption.

Image order is determined by the order of the images as displayed in the list. To change the order, drag and drop the images. When done, click 'Save All Changes'. WordPress 3. Upload images from your local machine by clicking 'Select Files' or by dragging and dropping the images into the media window. Wait until the images have finished uploading. Close the media window using the cross at the top right do not click 'Insert into post' or 'Create a new gallery'.

Return to the post and click 'Save Draft' or 'Publish' to rebuild the new gallery. Clear your browser's cache to see the updated gallery. Click 'Edit Gallery'.Your first order of business is to share the class rubric with all of the assignments and tests throughout the semester. Take our example of the teacher and the rubric above. Chances are, half of the students will throw out printed handouts and the idea of copying and pasting the PDF content into a blog post is a formatting and printing nightmare.

This way, your visitors can flip through the pages like a real document, while also zooming in, taking notes and printing out the document when needed. They get the capabilities expected of a PDF along with some other handy features the WordPress plugin developers have thrown in there. To help you weed through all the options available, here are the 12 best WordPress PDF Viewer plugins worth looking into in no particular order.

If you need advanced features like mobile-friendliness, a fullscreen button and page jump technology, the premium version of PDF Embedder is right for you. The main benefit of going with the Google Doc Embedder is that it supports a wide range of file types.

Try Kinsta for Free. With the worst name of the bunch, PDF. In fact, the user side of this viewer definitely competes for the top spot. It has an elegant gray theme frame and a document outline for people to jump around from page to page. WP Booklet has a focus on refined magazine-style displays, using flip animations and page pop-ups to mimic the reading of a pamphlet or magazine in real life.

The plugin supports both PDFs and images, so a photo flipbook is entirely possible as well. They even throw in some templates to get you started. It looks nice, but the backend controls are far from user-friendly. This PDF viewer is called vanilla for a reason. The basic, minimalist user interface drops a PDF in your post without any bells and whistles. A few years ago, the PDF Viewer plugin would have been one of the top mentions on this list.

Anyway, the plugin only utilizes JavaScript, making for a smooth experience on the frontend. Other than that, the viewer has several tools including page jumping, zooming and bookmarking. Most of the required features are packed into the free version, but they do have a premium plan for things like adding watermarks, creating custom document headers, integrating with WooCommerce and other niche capabilities.

Some product information is too long for the product page or maybe it needs to be protected in some way.

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For example, some online stores include sizing charts for clothing. The page flipping technology is the closest you can get to reading an actual magazine, and the lightbox effect clears out all distractions for the reader. The only requirement is that the URL has to be a reachable link. With such a long list of reputable WordPress PDF viewers, it might seem tough deciding on which one to go with.

Luckily, most of them have free versions or inexpensive premium packages.

easy viewer plugin

So, give them a try and see which works best for you.With so many websites created with WordPress, the need for lightbox functionality is in high demand. Moreover, the lightbox plugins need to be not only attractive but easy to use even for the beginner WordPress user. Today we'll feature our favorite WordPress lightbox plugins for While keeping your website These are the best lightbox plugins for WordPress.

They've been user-tested, rated and are kept current and updated for the latest versions of WordPress. Responsive Lightbox by dFactory 2. Simple Lightbox 3. Responsive Lightbox 4.

Lightbox 5.

easy viewer plugin

WP Lightbox 2 6. Circle Image Slider with Lightbox 7. ARI Fancy Lightbox 8. No WordPress lightbox plugin list would be complete without mentioning one of the most popular and widely-used lightbox plugins: the Responsive Lightbox by dFactory. With current installs overand a rating of 5-stars, it's easy to see why dFactory's plugin is a must-have on any list. This lightbox offers additional features that some others do not, such as the option to choose from six different lightbox styles.

Having the different style options allows you to not have the same look and feel as other websites, giving you the option to better match the lightbox to your site's theme. The Simple Lightbox plugin by Archetyped is another of the popular lightbox plugins in the WordPress community.

It currently has overactive installs and a user-rating of 4. With Simple Lightbox, there is no need for any manual coding. The plugin automatically activates all images and media for lightbox functionality.

It also provides customization options such as light and dark themes and customizable animations. What makes Simple Lightbox truly stand out is its almost infinite customizations via add-ons. With the add-ons, you can truly make your site's lightbox your own, fitting it snugly with the look and feel of your website's theme.

This plugin also displays the metadata for your image or media allowing for captions or descriptions and has keyboard navigation to scroll through the lightbox gallery.

Responsive Lightbox by Subhan Sanjaya is a popular and easy-to-use lightbox plugin. With over 20, installs and a 4. It includes built-in functionality for images, separate HTML content, and media such as videos.

Responsive Lightbox provides a clean, modern look, with easy to navigate arrows to switch between the content in your gallery. If you include a Google-style map on your site, the lightbox allows visitors to see the larger, lightbox version for easier viewing.

Featuring YouTube or Vimeo videos is a snap. The admin interface for the plugin is simple and straightforward, and also allows for manual addition of your lightboxes if you prefer more customization.

The Lightbox plugin by Huge is gaining in popularity with over 50, active installs and a 4-star rating. It is based on the premise of simplicity and ease-of-use and is adaptive and responsive to the device it's being viewed on.

Lightbox also provides five lightbox styles making it easy to fit in with the style of your website. It automatically provides lightbox for your images and videos, both from YouTube and Vimeo, and has a clean easy-to-understand interface for your site visitors. A nice feature is the transition animation between images if they are of different sizes.

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It gives the lightbox a modern, satisfying feel when browsing through the gallery. The WP Lightbox 2 plugin from Syed Balkhi is another of the more popular WordPress lightbox plugins with overactive installs, and a user-rating of 4. While this plugin is still actively used and loved by many of its fans, it is worth noting that it does not appear to be in current status, with the most recent updates being at the end of